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Fédération des Groupes Folkloriques Landais

Our association came into the world on the first of February, 1968. At this time it was called " AMICABLE OF THE FOLK LANDAIS GROUPS ". It was aimed " at supporting the old traditions, the pure folklore of the department of Landes " and plan " to narrow from best regards between associations members ". In 1995, " the Amicable " is transformed into "Confederation", the purpose also evolves and becomes " Favour the picture of folklore landais, in the field of communication and, generally, the promotion of folklore landais. "

The Confederation has as objective to promote the folklore landais and to make live an invaluable cultural heritage in our society of the XXI th century. By dance, choreography, in return and equipment of dance, the Confederation plays collector's role and catalyst of energy.It favours exchanges intergroups, she organizes practice and trainings inside or in external to allow members to groups to evolve in their convenience

Our activity is multidisciplinary. Certain groups offer, besides traditional dances on the soil and on stilts, competitions on stilts, trainings in singing, to the theatre and in music, on traditional instruments. Trainings tellon.


The Confederation works so that groups landais, which occur on all stages of the world, continue being in the vanguard as for presentation of their shows.


Président de la Fédération

Cu resto altour de soun couder, se ré nou gagno, ré nou per.
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